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Opportunity at ISTA: Apply for a PhD Program

Getting into a prestigious Ph.D. program is a significant step in academic and professional advancement. The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) announces the opening of its 2024 call for Ph.D. student applications.

Eligibility and Application Deadlines

Deadline for Applications: January 8, 2024

The application portal for the Ph.D. program at ISTA is currently open and accepting submissions. Interested candidates should keep in mind the impending deadline of January 8, 2024, at 15:00 CET. It’s crucial to ensure that all documents and reference letters are submitted by this date, as late entries will not be considered.

Who Can Apply?

Bachelor’s and Master’s Graduates Welcome

ISTA encourages candidates from diverse academic backgrounds to apply. Individuals holding Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in fields like biology, chemistry, neuroscience, mathematics, computer science, physics, data science, scientific computing, astronomy, earth science, and related disciplines are eligible to apply.

Application Process

Creating an Online Account

The application process begins by creating an online account through the designated portal. It’s essential to complete all application stages through this system. ISTA does not accept applications or documents through other means.

Document Requirements

Applicants are required to upload several key documents:

  1. CV
  2. Statement of Purpose (SoP) The SoP is a critical aspect of the application. Candidates should elaborate on their past research, skills, motivations, and relevant background in alignment with the chosen research areas and groups specified in the application form.
    Structuring the SoP

    The SoP should address general aspects before delving into specific questions outlined by ISTA.

    • Identifying up to three relevant research groups at ISTA based on research interests and background.
    • Selecting three rotations in different research groups during the first year, explaining reasons for choices.
    • Considering a rotation outside the field of expertise, detailing the group and reasons for consideration.
  3. University Transcripts and Diplomas Copies of transcripts and diplomas for all attended and/or ongoing degree programs, both in English and their original language.
  4. Contact Information for 3 Referees Referees should be capable of assessing academic and research performance.

Selection Criteria

Evaluation Indicators

The selection committee evaluates applicants based on various indicators:

  • Undergraduate Performance: Focus on relevant field-specific courses.
  • Reference Letters: Emphasis on academic recommendations.
  • Statement of Purpose: Assessing research experience and motivation.
  • Relevant Skills: Field-specific expertise, internships, or research projects.
  • Transferable Skills: Communication, teamwork, international experiences, leadership roles.
  • Diversity: Consideration of varied backgrounds and experiences.

Application and Selection Timeline

Ph.D. Program Call for 2024

The call for the 2024 Ph.D. program commenced in the latter half of October 2023. Initial reviews are expected to conclude by February, with candidates notified of their status by early March.

Interviews and Admission Offers

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews in March/April, either remote or onsite. Offer letters will follow the interview period, with candidates required to confirm acceptance or decline by April 30. The program begins uniformly on September 15.


Securing admission to ISTA’s Ph.D. program is a gateway to academic and professional growth. The institution’s comprehensive evaluation process seeks candidates with diverse backgrounds and strong potential to excel in their academic journey.

Please apply on the official website using the link(s) below

Apply here

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