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University of Western Australia Scholarships for High-Achieving Students

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is dedicated to recognizing academic excellence globally through its prestigious Global Excellence Scholarships. These scholarships aim to reward exceptional academic merit among both undergraduate and postgraduate students choosing UWA for their educational pursuits.

Scholarship Overview

UWA’s Global Excellence Scholarships demonstrate the institution’s commitment to nurturing academic brilliance by providing substantial financial aid to eligible candidates pursuing specific undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the university.

Scholarship Benefits

Undergraduate students starting eligible courses in 2024 can receive up to AUD$48,000 over four years, empowering them to pursue their academic goals with financial support. Postgraduate students commencing eligible courses can also benefit from up to AUD$24,000 over two years.

The final assessment for the Global Excellence Award considers the applicant’s academic transcripts. The eligibility criteria are based on the applicant’s equivalent Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or UWA weighted average mark (WAM).

Determining Scholarship Values

For undergraduates in 2024, the scholarship value varies based on their ATAR scores:

  • ATAR 98.00+: Highest scholarship value
  • ATAR 90.00 – 97.95: Intermediate scholarship value
  • ATAR 85.00 – 89.95: Substantial scholarship value

Similarly, for postgraduates in 2024, scholarship values are determined by their WAM scores:

  • WAM 85.00+: Highest scholarship value
  • WAM 75.00 – 84.99: Intermediate scholarship value
  • WAM 65.00 – 74.99: Substantial scholarship value

International Qualification Conversions

UWA acknowledges diverse international qualifications and provides additional conversion guidelines for fairness and inclusivity. Interested candidates can access region-specific flyers or download them to understand the specific conversion criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

The Global Excellence Scholarship is open to students from all countries who meet specific conditions:

  • Receive an offer for an undergraduate or postgraduate course at UWA
  • Attain a minimum ATAR of 85.00 or a minimum WAM of 65.00
  • Achieve a WAM equivalent of over 75.00 for approved International Academic Pathways

The scholarship terms and conditions are detailed in a comprehensive 323KB document for thorough understanding.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Exclusions

Certain undergraduate and postgraduate courses are excluded from the scholarship:

  • Undergraduate degrees like Assured Pathway to Medicine or Assured Pathway to Dental Medicine
  • Postgraduate degrees such as Juris Doctor, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine, or Doctor of Optometry

Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

UWA recognizes the value of Combined Bachelor’s and Combined Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees. While most of these programs span four years, extended programs like the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science extend to five years. Eligible students in these programs can receive up to $60,000 over five years, based on their WAM scores.


UWA’s Global Excellence Scholarship program supports high-achieving students worldwide, offering substantial financial aid across a range of courses. For those seeking an institution dedicated to academic excellence and fostering future leaders, this scholarship presents an unparalleled opportunity.



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