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Restaurant Chef – Breakfast Chef.

Job Title: Restaurant Chef Breakfast Service

Reports to: Head Chef

Industry: Hospitality Industry

Location: Kilimambogo Thika

Net Salary: KES 45,000

Job Purpose: The chef is responsible for all aspects of the kitchen such as menu plans, operations, recipes, financial responsibility, portion and inventory control, food quality, and employee supervision.

The ideal candidate should have great experience handling in-house guests specifically preparing and delivering breakfast service, providing a high standard of fresh food in a busy hotel restaurant.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all mise-en-place is always freshly prepared and on time.
  • Ensure all dishes are being prepared to the correct recipe and to the correct quantity.
  • Exhibit culinary talents by personally performing day-to-day tasks, producing key menu items, while leading the staff and managing all food related functions.
  • Take control of the breakfast service and ensure guests receive a truly delicious and memorable breakfast
  • Ensure exceptional quality of all ingredients, preparation and plating of food items.
  • Conduct daily line checks, food reviews and recipes of the day; Ensures that clear feedback is provided to the entire kitchen team and food service staff and management.
  • Work closely with the kitchen team on costing, production and control for proper recipe execution and waste management.
  • `Ensure that sanitation standards as set by statutory health regulations are in compliance as well as the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen and its equipment as well as training staff on proper sanitation guidelines.
  • Monitor and ensuring that the production, preparation and presentation of food are of the highest quality at all times

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Diploma or Degree in Hospitality or related field
  • Must have at least 3 years of experience as a chef.
  • Should have food handler certificate
  • Should be well experienced in preparation of various breakfast menus
  • Should have a good knowledge of accounting, stock keeping and should know how to break even using only what is available.
  • Should know good food hygiene, should be strict about freshness, quality, presentation and client satisfaction.
  • Should be aware of and cater to allergies, and different diets and restrictions.


Restaurant Chef – Breakfast Chef.

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